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We believe that your home should tell your unique story – baked into the very bones of the home. We want your home to MEAN something deep to you – like it’s a part of you that you created. Like another child (a very attractive child might we suggest) that has your very own DNA and knows what you like, how you live, move, love, eat and work. To do that sort of magic, we are going to need to get to know you – very well.

Centrum’s strength and passion lies in producing architecture that is a true reflection of its clients and which is imbued with meaning, memory and delight that is derived from both the client and site.

Design Director Andrew Rowe and the Centrum team are passionate about making you feel good in your space, by adopting a design and consultation process with their clients that is truly collaborative. This centres around fully understanding the client’s needs, flexibility in the design, close communication with all parties, and dedication to achieve the optimum result within the specific time frame and budget. This approach ensures that the completed projects are not only coloured by the client’s needs and style but that they also draw out and tell the story of a place and its history in all its forms – structural, environmental, historical and human. As such, our portfolio of works is quite varied – it does not display one design theme or style. The solutions are always individual in response to the needs, desires and tastes of our clients and the challenges of each unique project.

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