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This photo shows the exterior facade of the orignal warehouse and all four levels.
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Cityscape Warehouse

A luxury oasis amongst the ever-changing CBD.

This is a unique city home, designed to meet the changing needs of the modern inter-generational family.

The stimulus for the project was some significant water damage across all floors due to a burst pipe, but ultimately the real driver was access with a new lift – to all levels, for our clients, their kids and their grandkids. Thanks to our client’s resources and their commitment to faithfully respecting the history and stories that this building could tell, we can now share you the story of an how an old boot factory transformed into an inter-generational mansion hidden within the CBD.

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Dianna Snape

Awards | Press

Inside Magazine Issue 101 – May 2018

Australia Design Review ‘Centrum Architects restores and adapts Melbourne warehouse’ Jun 2018

WINNER 2018 Master Builders excellence in housing awards – Best Renovation/addition over $1 Million


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