Ultimate Guide to finding the right Architect

After answering the same questions at dinner parties over an over again, we realised that so many people are bewildered with the design and construction process. People are wondering:

‘Can I get what I want built and what’s the process?’ ‘Do I really need an Architect, or will a draftsperson, building designer or even just a builder be enough for what I need?’ ‘There’s so many Architects out there – where do I even start on selecting one?’ ‘What are the fees and how to Architects charge?’ ‘What are the key questions I need to ask and the steps that I need to take to ensure I hire the Architect that is the perfect fit for me and my home?’

We understand that this can feel like a complex and daunting proposition for the uninitiated, so have developed a guide that aims to provide you firstly with clear guidelines to get you headed in the right direction and secondly, tips on how to have as smooth a ride as possible to your destination.

The first step is always the most important one, as that is to find and hire your Architect to guide you on your unique building journey. Working with a registered Architect from the beginning of the project will add the greatest value to your home – like an insurance policy for a successful project.

Finding a good fit in the working relationship is so important because you will be spending a lot of time together, often over many years. This guide will help you understand and analyse the qualifications, design strength, and communication skills of your potential Architects. Follow this guide to find the best Architect for you and your project.


You can download all of this information and more in our free PDF booklet: How to find an Architect: What Architects do and how to find a good one. Send me the guide.